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07 Feb 2013
Currently, there are no open positions.

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22 Apr 2013
Vera Hirsch's work is selected as the cover picture of Nanoscale. more
07 Feb 2013
Calum Kinnear's work is selected as the cover picture of the research section in Angewandte Chemie. more


Anthony Redjem
Anthony Redjem
PhD Student
Office: 316
+41 (0)26 300 87 82
+41 (0)26 300 97 39

Education & Research Activities

Anthony studied Biochemistry and Biotechnology Engineering at the Claude Bernard University in Lyon. During this studies he spent some time in Granada, Spain, as a Socrates Erasmus exchange student. After his graduation in 2008 he joined Diagnoswiss in Monthey were he worked for almost a year as an R&D engineer in the immunoassay group. His solid background in biochemistry and biotechnology in combination with his professional experience in immunology is a valuable addition to the interdisciplinary team working in the Advanced Particles group.